If You Fall Asleep During Zach Braff's Broadway Play, He'll Come for You — VIDEO

Zach Braff isn't exactly the best when it comes to subtlety. So we shouldn't be too surprised that Braff battled a woman who was sleeping during his Broadway show, Bullets Over Broadway... right? Okay, I concede — I'm painting that image a shade too aggressive. Braff didn't get physical... he just waged silent warfare. He gave a sleeping lady a Red Bull. Is that generous or douchey? Hard to say.

To be fair to Braff, it's not polite to fall asleep during a Broadway show — especially if you're in the front row. It's Theater Etiquette 101. To be fair to the lady, she might have been tired. As someone who has gotten up at the ass-crack of dawn to get a pair of front row rush tickets, I can attest to the fact that by the time the show rolls around, it feels like it's time for a nap. BUT! You hold thy eyeballs in place and wake up, for the love of the theater gods.

However, I must concede yet again, as not all of us can stay awake with such fortitude. And then, to rag on Braff, part of being an actor is having to deal with all sorts of audience members. C'mon, Braff — don't take it so personally, and stay focused on the show!

Check out his interview with Jimmy Kimmel, in which he recounts the theatrical tale (in a pretty theatrical voice, may I add).