Holy happy pop stars, you guys! It's definitely Britney, bitch, and Britney Spears looks great with her two boys, Jayden and Sean. She recently posted a pic on Instagram of the three of them, and dare I say it — but they look like a normal, happy family. And my, how her boys have grown up!

But they're not the only people in the pic who look like they've grown up. Britney herself looks like she's grown up a ton — and not in the "old" sense. She looks mature...she looks like a mom. But hey, a lot of time has passed since we first became acquainted with Ms. Spears. It's tough to believe it, but her debut album ...Baby One More Time landed in stores a whopping fifteen years ago. Think of all of the events that have transpired since then — her hot-second marriage to Jason Alexander, her momentary wedded bliss with Kevin Federline, and the birth of her two kids. She's had ups and downs musically (and personally — surely you remember when she shaved her head), and yes, she'll be forever ingrained our minds as the reigning pop princess of the early 2000s, but with this pic, we can totally get used to Britney Spears, The Grownass Woman And Mama. You go, Britney.

Check out her Instagram pic below:

Image: britneyspears/Instagram