10 Flowy Dresses to Celebrate the End of the Bodycon Era

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The fashion police over at The Daily Beast are putting an end to one of the country's most beloved trends: the bodycon dress. And while I don't really like to cross out any style of clothing in my book, I may have to agree with them on this one. It's been fifteen years since Herve Lerger introduced the super form-fitting, body-hugging item to the fashion world and according to eBay, it's just hitting its peak popularity. Customers purchased over 500,000 bodycon dresses from the online site between March 1 and May 23 — that's a whopping 200% increase in sales of the style from 2013.

While I completely respect and at one point (read: college) wouldn't wear anything else to go out, I think it's time we give it the bodycon a rest, ladies. We don't have to succumb to squeezing in all our bits into a corset-like dress to look and feel sexy. In fact, the opposite — breezy, flowy, oversized — is "in" now more than ever. So why not embrace it! I sure am. Here are 10 cute and chic loose-fitting dresses to breathe easier in.

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