8 Incredible Mindy Kaling Written Episodes Of T.V. In Honor Of Her Birthday

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Mindy Kaling is in kind of an amazing place in her life right now. She's the creator and star of her own show — a show that's growing more and more widely loved by the second. Kaling's writing her second book after her first book turned out to be a great success. She's highly quotable, whether it's a late night talk show or a speech to the next generation of world-changers. She's like the spunky niece to the Amy Poehler and Tina Fey generation of comedy writers and performers, seconds away from taking over the world.

It's good in times like these — AKA times of great prosperity for Kaling — that she provides the world a service not just through her public appearances and her portrayals of Mindy Lahiri and Kelly Kapoor, but through her writing. As Kaling noted in a roundtable in 2010, Kaling considers herself a writer first. In fact, as she campaigns for a Mindy Project Emmy this season it's good to remember that she is already Emmy approved: Her writing skills were nominated (also in 2010) for writing the Office episode "Niagara." So there's really no better time than her birthday — conveniently right in the middle of Emmy campaign season — to look back some of the writerly glory Kaling has wrought for the past decade.

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