Luis Suarez's Bite Inspires Crafty Tweets By McDonald's, Listerine, Trident, & More

Brands were making quick work of turning a World Cup scandal into a money-making opportunity on Tuesday following Luis Suárez's bite during the Uruguay-Italy match, which is apparently a great hook for advertisers. Brands quickly began using it to playfully advertise better alternatives for biting. Like food. Suárez may even have time to take the advertisers' up on their joking offers: He's reportedly facing a two-year suspension from FIFA for chomping on Italy's Giorgio Chinellini.

Perhaps companies were seeking their version of the Oreo moment, named after the savvy social media post Oreo posted in the wake of a Super Bowl blackout in 2013. The Tweet read "You can still dunk in the dark," and quickly went viral. It's been retweeted more than 15,000 times since then.

Chewing gum and other edibles took center stage in profiting off of the Suárez bite scandal. We've rounded up the best examples of advertisers taking advantage of the moment. Depending on how you look at it, these brands are either showing off their sense of humor or trying to make a quick buck off of a nasty moment in sports. But regardless, in the wake of an undeniably viral story, it'd be hard to call them anything but savvy.

1. TGI Friday's

Ha! Hungry, because he took a bite out of another player!

2. McDonald's

Translation: Hey Suárez, if you stay hungry, come take a bite out of a Big Mac!

3. Trident

Good things to chew vs. bad things to chew. Good point, Trident.

4. Jimmy's

Steak tastes better, Suárez.

5. Nando's

Getting red peri-peri spice on your face: Still undeniably better than a fellow soccer player's blood.

6. Pizza Express

A better Italian! Ha. They mean like their Italian pizza, you guys.

7. Snickers

Because even Snickers knows he'll probably want to do it again.

8. Listerine

For your post-bite rinse!

9. Domino's Pizza

Poor Suarez. He was probably just hungry for some pizza.