Pizza Bed? Yes Please!

We’ve already got our Pizza Princess badges pinned to our Pizza Pizza Pizza shirts, as well as little pizzas dangling from our earlobes and painted on our toenails — so it was really only a matter of time before we discovered a way to sleep on pizza, too. Right? Right. Because pizza is awesome.

The creation of Brooklyn-based freelance art director Claire Manganiello, the glorious bedding set seen here allows you to drift off to Slumberland with visions of pizzas dancing in your head. Called “Pizza Bed,” the comforter makes your mattress look like a slice of pepperoni pie, while the pillow shams turn your pillows into the crust. Alas, it’s only a concept, so there’s no way to get your hands on an actual Pizza Bed—but you know what? While we’re imagining sleeping on a gooey slice of pepperoni, let’s come up with a few other fantasy food beds. Things like…

1. Birthday Cake Bed

Every day is your birthday when you get to wake up on a cake.

2. Croissant Bed

For those who prefer their mattresses in unusual shapes.

3. Steak Bed

If you celebrate Steak and Blow Jobs Day… well, let’s just say that this one would take it to a whole new level.

4. Spaghetti Bed

Ideally we’re talking warm spaghetti, not the gooey cold stuff your elementary school’s Halloween party used to use as “brains” in the fun house.

5. Cheesecake Bed

So fluffy. So delicious.

6. Burger Bed

To go with your burger phone.

7. Sushi Bed

You guys! This one actually exists! Well, sort of, at least — you can get giant sushi pillows on Etsy from a shop called Dreamscapee. I’ll take ‘em!

8. Taco Bed

No longer relegated to one day a week, it’s Taco Tuesday all the time in a bed like this.

Images: Claire Manganiello, Sodahead, Gossip Chief, Gif Soup, Giphy, Hogwarts House Habits, Pandawhale, Etsy, Giphy