Paul McCartney Is Feeling Better & Will Resume his U.S. Tour — VIDEO

Sir Paul McCartney has been battling some health issues as of late, but there's some extremely good news to be had: The 72-year-old rock legend is back on his feet and ready to start touring again. And there's video to prove it! Tuesday, McCartney announced via YouTube vid that he’s "feeling great," is "rockin' and rollin'," and will resume his postponed U.S. tour. Goo goo g'joob!

Back in May, McCartney was hospitalized due to a viral infection, and he had to cancel the Japan Out There Tour dates and put the U.S. tour on hold. He spent a majority of June recovering and resting, but promised fans he'd be back in action in a few weeks.

The Beatles bassist is a man of his word: The tour will start up again in Albany, NY on July 5. The postponed June dates were rescheduled for Sept. and Oct.

In the YouTube vid, McCartney seems as energetic as ever. I mean, those air guitar moves are everything. McCartney is everything.

Keep feelin' great, Sir McCartney! Let me know if that jerkwad of a virus tries to mess with you again. I'll put it in its place.