Everyone Hates Your Facebook PDA

by Michelle Regalado

Everyone wants to be part of a happy and healthy relationship and if you are, that’s amazing. Congrats! That being said, no one else cares all that much so please, for the love of God, stop plastering it all over Facebook. I say that yes, as a single person, but also as someone who is just tired of having her various newsfeeds taken over by the umpteenth picture of you and your significant other squinting into the camera in front of a sunset. These relationship selfies aka “relfies” (barf) are not only irritating, they also make me not ever want to be physically around the perpetrators. I mean, if two people are that mushy on social media, I don’t even want to know what they’re like in person.

Well, it looks like I’m not the only one who feels that way. According to a new study carried out by Professor Benjami Le of Pennsylvania’s Haverford College, NO one likes Facebook PDA. And not only do they not like it, but they’ll also like you less for indulging in it. See guys? This isn’t just me, it’s science!

The study analyzed the profiles of Facebook users who are in relationships and gauged reactions to fake profiles created to mimic those of various couples. It found that oversharing about your partner won’t win you any fans and could actually hurt your relationships with friends. “There is some danger in getting too schmoopie about your relationship on Facebook,” Le wrote. “Although your friends will think your relationship is going well, they will like you less.”

Bottom line? It’s great when a relationship is going well, but that doesn’t mean you need to document every single minute together. As for those not in a relationship, just take a deep breath…and click unfollow.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy