This Is What Teenage Boys' Dreams Are Made Of

by Michelle Regalado

If you’ve ever wished someone would create a less G-rated version of a bouncy castle, this is your lucky day (also, who are you?). The London-based conceptual artist duo Bompas & Parr has just made every 12-year-old boy’s dreams come true by creating the first ever bouncy castle made entirely out of giant, plastic boobs. Yup, boobs. ‘Cause that’s obviously what the world was missing.

The duo and Professor Vanessa Toulmin of the National Fairground Archive collaborated on the moon bounce as part of a new exhibit at New York’s Museum of Sex entitled FUNLAND: Pleasures & Perils of the Erotic Fairground. In addition to the giant bouncy boob pile, the exhibit also features other interactive attractions such as “The Tunnel of Love,” a mirror maze themed around the G-spot, and “Grope Mountain,” which, as it implies, is a climbing wall made of “orifices” and “appendages” (aka penises). Funland, indeed!

This adult-style carnival, opening June 26, will reportedly help “illustrate the rich history of fairground eroticism.” And yes, you can apparently jump, touch, grope, and climb on things as much as you want.

OK, I admit my interest is piqued. A G-spot themed maze? C’mon, you know you’re curious as to what that looks like too. Still, I can’t help but think that this could go wrong really fast. I mean, letting a bunch of adults run loose in some bizarre alternate universe constructed of penises and breasts? I feel like you’re asking for the creepy pervs of the world to find you with that one. Either that, or a group of 18-year-old frat bros who won’t stop yelling “Look! Boobs!”

Check out more about the exhibit below:

Image: Vimeo