31 Ridiculous 'Seinfeld' Promo Pics to Celebrate the Show's 25th Anniversary — PHOTOS

For you July 5, 2014 might be the day where you say, "I love three day weekends! It feels like it should be Sunday, but it's only Saturday! It's amaaaazing!" But this July 5 is more than just the day after Independence Day, July 5 marks the 25th anniversary of Seinfeld . The show premiered 25 years ago and went on to have nine seasons, 180 episodes, and is probably airing on at least three channels of your cable subscription right now. Seriously, this thing will still be syndicated when televisions are computer chips we insert directly into our brains.

As you know, and have confirmed after watching countless hours of reruns on TBS, Seinfeld is a timeless (well, other than the fashion and lack of cell phones) and hilarious show. You can watch episodes over and over again and still enjoy them just as much as you did the first time. And you know what is also hilarious? The way this show was promoted back in the day. Like most shows of past and present, promo photos were a necessity for Seinfeld, but these ones have a particular early-90s vibe to them that makes them especially awesome.

So, in honor of Seinfeld's 25th anniversary, I present to you 31 of the show's most awkward promo pics.

The Balloons

Oh no! He's going to float away and into the ceiling that is only, like, ten feet away!

The Shaky Fists

I hope they were actually saying, "Erghhh!!!"

The "It's Time to Gossip at Our Sleepover" Pose

The best thing about this one is that it looks like Julia Louis-Dreyfus is wearing cat ears.

The Elaine Dance

Also, the Elaine super baggy 90s suit.

The... I'm Showing You a Secret Note That Is Disappointing?

Is that what's happening here?

The Glasses Bite

All this makes me think of is, "YOU'RE BALD!" Elaine being mean to George is the best.

The Fake Running

Jerry Seinfeld: Fashion Icon

The Pigeon


The Taxi

Man, this promo shoot had a big budget. A taxi inside?

The Chair

The best thing about these promo shots is how obvious it is that the cast didn't really enjoy them. Look at those dead eyes.

The Legs

"Okay, guys, everyone put your legs together! That will really make people want to watch the show."

The Point

"Great! Now everyone stand in a line according to your height and point!"

The Hands

This is known as the "What's the deal with..." position.

The Big Smiles

Perhaps what you look like after a big salad.

The Suit

Another wide-legged suit for Elaine. No surprises there.

The Point and The Pigeon

Yep, the pigeons were a theme. They're very New York City.

The Even More Pigeons

The umbrella shields from the poop?

The Paranoid Looks

In case one of the many people you've wronged is approaching.

The Coy Glances

And the lobster shirt which should definitely be sold at auction now.

The Awkward Hug

Wow, Jerry, that is one very forced smile.

The Woo!!!

This also really looks like a botched editing job. There's no way Elaine is actually standing next to Kramer.

The "No One Could Schedule the Same Time for the Photo Shoot"

And something was definitely up with the Photoshop on this one.

The Weird Early 90s Techno Music Album Cover

Cool moves, guys.

The Awkward Knee Touch

An issue separating the "this and the that," perhaps?

The Lean

You may have noticed that having the characters put their legs on each other is very important for show promotion.

The Lined Up Heads

And the ridiculous glasses.

The Turn-Around

"Face away from the camera, and then turn around dramatically when I say so!"

The Kramer

I don't know what he's doing, but it seems right.

The Cigar


The "We Aren't Capable of Sitting with Our Legs Crossed. What Do You Think We Are, Kindergarteners?"


The Bow

Bye, y'all! See you next time nothing else is on TV or I'm at the gym or I can't sleep at night or "The Subway" episode is on!