Is Clint Dempsey A Superhero? Judge For Yourself — PHOTOS

It's been the question on a nation's lips as we've followed Team USA through the 2014 World Cup: Is Team U.S. captain Clint Dempsey a superhero? Now, a Photoshop contest on Web marketplace DesignCrowd has answered that burning question, resulting in dozens of user-submitted, Photoshopped images of the captain of the United States team in very superhuman scenarios. The action-packed pictures also help settle another debate of grave importance: Is Clint Dempsey hot?

Dempsey has certainly exhibited some superhero-like qualities as he led the U.S. to the end of the tournament's group stage. In two matches, the captain has already scored two goals as centre forward, and is one of the team's most crucial players. "Clint has taken to the responsibility of leading the line really well," goalkeeper Tim Howard, a senior international since 2002, told Yup, that definitely sounds like a superhero.

Now, if Team USA advances to the knockout stage, then they are one step closer to the final, and right now the odds are looking good for them. The only scenario that would not see them advancing is if they lose to Germany and the combined margin of victory in the U.S.'s loss and Ghana's victory against Portugal is more than two. Just like a good superhero, Americans can feel safe counting on Dempsey to deliver.

Over the course of his career, the 31-year-old Texas native has capped 106 times and scored 38 international goals. When he's not leading Team USA to victory, he's normally playing for the Seattle Sounders FC as a midfielder. But out on the field in Brazil is where his superhuman abilities really shine — even his title, captain of Team USA, sounds a lot like a certain famous Marvel character.

This is the classic caped crusader look, and it looks good on Dempsey.

With his flexibility and agility, Dempsey might as well be called Spidey.

But don't piss him off, because the entire stadium will feel his wrath.

Yup, it's as simple as that for him.

The Hulk Smash is no match for the Dempsey Kick.

I guess we could make a pun here about how Dempsey's skills are out of this world, but we won't.

Here he is: Captain America. Go Team USA!

Now, to answer that other question, why don't we let you decide...

Images: DesignCrowd,