7 Things You Should Never Say to a Single Woman

Who could forget, in 2008, when Beyoncé peacocked across our TV screens in a leotard with her commanding anthem, "Singles Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"? I feel like every woman channeled her inner I am woman, hear me roar when that song floated onto airwaves. It was as if we were clinging to the words — and rightfully so. Our culture has a tendency to condemn the single woman, speculating that she must be cold, defective, or unhappy. This stigma drives people to question women as if their relationship status (or lack thereof) determines whether or not they are fulfilled and happy. But don't presume "single" means "miserable", and for the love of all things sane, just don't say these things:

1. "Why are you single?"

2. "I've been where you are. It'll get better."

3. "Maybe you're just not putting yourself out there enough."

4. "Have you tried OkCupid?"

5. "You're just too independent."

6. "Doesn't it get lonely?"

7. "He'll come when the time is right."

Because we all need a man to save us, right?