'Spectacular Now's Kyle Chandler And Other 'Friday Night Lights' Alums Who Finally Found Their Place

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After NBC's beloved Friday Night Lights went off the air two years ago, fans eagerly awaited to hear what projects the show's actors had lined up post-FNL. Unfortunately, there weren't many. With a few exceptions (Connie Britton, here's looking at you), most of the actors struggled to find work outside of Dillon, TX. Taylor Kitsch, perhaps the Panther with the highest possibility for stardom, led flop after flop, Zach Gilford's Mob Doctor was dead on arrival, and Kyle Chandler only showed up in supporting roles, when clearly, he should've been the star. Yet this summer, the FNL cast has finally found its footing, appearing in some major high-profile roles on TV and in film, and we couldn't be happier. Image: NBC

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