Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Commission Directors For 'Proejct Greenlight' & Show Off Bromance

Have you ever craved validation from someone with an Oscar? How about two people with an Oscar? Enter Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, here to commission wanna be directors to submit to their newest project. Do you wanna be a director? They also want you to be a director!

The project in question is Project Greenlight, which will be making its return to HBO for a fourth season soon. The first season took place in 2001, but it took a long (looong) hiatus starting in 2005. In order to get it started back up again, though, they'll need some new directors.

Project Greenlight — of which Affleck and Damon are producers — is centered around giving first-time filmmakers and writers the chance to direct (and/or write) a feature film. Past films produced by the project have included Stolen Summer, the Battle Of Shaker Heights, and Feast. So what's next? Anything! So many possibilities, as Affleck and Damon point out in this call for submissions. As they joke, they haven't had any fresh ideas in the past thirteen years, so they really did have to bring the show back.

What they're looking for this time around seems to be specifically directors, who'll work on a Hollywood-vetted script. If you're interested in the opportunity you can look to the official Project Greenlight website for more information.