Katy Perry Met Joe Biden & It Led to a Fantastic Selfie — PHOTO

Katy Perry is sure loving her time in Washington, D.C. The "Birthday" singer made a pit stop at the National Capitol while on her Prismatic World Tour, and she has the photo evidence to prove it. For instance, there's this photographic gem — Katy Perry's selfie with Vice President Joe Biden. Not only did she snap a selfie with the Vice President of the United States, she snapped a really great one! The cheery singer posted the pic to Instagram (of course), alongside her other awesome D.C. pics — like the shot of her with Hillary Clinton — alongside this extremely-cute-in-that-Katy-Perry-way caption:

(Also, did you know that the Vice President has an Instagram? His screen name is simply, VP. Badass!)

Bottom line? Katy Perry very well might be one of the Queens of Instagram. How many pop stars can get this good of a photo with the VP? And on another note, how many grandmas can say, "My granddaughter called me because the Vice President told her to." Probably not many!

Check out the photo below:

Image: Katy Perry/Instagram