Garagista Beer Company Condemns Hipsters In New Campaign

In an era where locally brewed craft beer is increasingly associated with a sense of obnoxious superiority, a South African craft beer company is attempting to put the burliness back into small brewery beer.

Garagista Beer Company is waging an all-out war against hipsters, condemning their obsession with estranged musical instruments, iconic eyewear and devotion to obscure brands just for the sake of it. According to Garagista, they're giving craft brews a bad image, and the brand is out to change that.

In addition to several posters that we have to admit are pretty clever (scroll down), the company has also released a video, “The Hipster Hijacking,” which features a clan of hipsters attempting to overtake a truck full of limited edition Garagista beer.

Decked out in 70s haircuts, frayed jean shorts and fedoras, the hipsters attack one another with records and typewriters in order to secure a steady supply of the limited edition beverage.

“Help get out our beer back,” the commercial pleads to its audience.

The ads also successfully distinguish Garagista from the plethora of ads put out by the most established beer manufacturers, virtually all of which emphasize refreshing, ice-cold qualities and sex appeal, with an odd Clydesdale thrown in. But it's mainly hipster pretense that Garagista is targeting. "In a world where some people care more about the craft beer image than the actual beer, we care about one thing — damn good beer," the company's Facebook page tells us. And of course, getting us to buy it.

Garagista Beer Co. on YouTube

Images: Garagista Beer Co.