Rob Lowe Was Almost Washed Away

Apparently there's a downside to summering in France: Your entire family may at some point be in danger of being swept away. Such was the case with Rob Lowe's family Wednesday, when a flood overtook their house and they had to be rescued. The Lowes were chilling at their vacation house in Grasse, France when a storm hit. Lowe's son, Johnny Lowe, took to instagram to document some of the experience. The pics on the account before the flood hit are your typical "I'm having an amazing summer hanging out with my TV star dad in Europe" fare — you know the kind, lots of joyful jumping into bodies of water, lots of European architecture in the background. But early Wednesday morning brought some pretty intense waters their way.

The most arresting image of the storm (below) shows the waters — which Grasse officials told People rose to five feet in some places — rushing outside. "That's the first floor of our house submerged," Johnny wrote. "Scariest hour or so of my life, also sorry for the explicit language." The elder Lowe also posted about it on Instagram (update: He's apparently since deleted it) with the caption "This is is right outside the house. Was twice as high at the worst, just before sunrise."

Firemen eventually came to rescue the family from the situation, with multiple members of the Lowe family taking to social media to thank them. As Johnny wrote, "Thank you to the fireman that saved us from this nightmare. Happy for us all to be safe, thoughts to others." According to The New York Daily News his father also thanked officials through instagram — it's been deleted now — depicting wife Sheryl Berkoff embracing a fireman alongside the caption "My wife being rescued this am in the horrific flooding in Grasse, France. Glad we are safe. Grateful to first responders."

Warning: There is some NSFW cursing in Johnny's instagram video, because that is the proper response to intense weather occurrences.

Image: Rob Lowe/Instagram