Justin Bieber Proposing To Selena Gomez (Maybe), Here Are 11 Rings We Think She Would Just Love

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Oh, young love! It's such a roller coaster. One minute you're tweeting lyrics of heartbreak to your gazillion followers, the next you're shopping for engagement rings for your fellow pop star sweetheart! According to Hollywood Life, bad boy Bieber was caught shopping at a Calabas, CA jewelry store on June 24. A source very close to Hollywood Life told them that Bieber is ready to "settle down." According to this all-knowing source, "Justin is talking about proposing to Selena, he’s looking for the perfect rock for his princess. He’s been telling her she’s the only girl for him, that he’s ready to settle down and have babies.” Engagement ring and babies, oh my! Slow your roll, Biebs. Let's take it milestone by milestone. First, the rings. If Bieber is really going to do this, he needs to find a ring that fits Gomez's cute and trendy style. Here, 11 rings that Gomez would definitely say "I do" for.

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