Jermaine Jones Slams Into Referee Ravshan Irmatov, Is Somehow The One That Falls

It's no secret that today's U.S.A.-Germany game is setting tensions on high, but fan were not best pleased when "Fighting Pig" Jermaine Jones ran into the 145-pound referee, Ravshan Irmatov and knocked himself out. And, later, slid onto the grass and slapped it with his whole body. (Rather impressively, as it happens.)

The match started at 12 pm EST and so far, the rain is coming down, the fans are screaming out, and the score is still at a tense 0-1 to Germany. What happens if the U.S. wins or ties Germany? Oh, just that the team will go on to the round of 16 at the World Cup. No big deal or anything.

Maybe it's water coming down in sleets, maybe it's the confusing fact that Jones is German-born but playing for the United States Men’s National Team as a defensive midfielder in a Germany-U.S.A game, but something is definitely off for the 32-year-old. It's his first World Cup game, so the pressure must be high; either way, Jones is going for it, aggressively. Maybe too aggressively — he managed to run and knock himself out...on the (rather small) referee, falling onto the slippery grass. And then he fell on the grass and gave it a full-body slap.

All we can say for sure: it looks slippery out there.