Anna Kendrick's 'Happy Christmas' Clip Will Give You 'Frozen' Deja Vu — VIDEO

I'm sure you really don't need another thing to remind you of Disney's Frozen, but you're going to get one — I promise it's not a "Let It Go" cover. This new clip from Anna Kendrick's latest film, Happy Christmas , sounds exactly like Princess Anna and Hans Frozen meet-cute. The context is wildly different, as Kendrick's down-and-out character, Jenny, makes out with and then snubs costar Mark Webber, but now we know exactly who could play the Disney princess on Broadway if Kristen Bell is too busy with her new baby.

Happy Christmas stars Kendrick as a twenty-something that's going through a break-up and a general rough patch when she moves in with her brother (Drinking Buddies director Joe Swanberg), his wife, and his two-year-old son in Chicago. While Kendrick's character and her friend Carson (Girls' Lena Dunham) are shaking up the domestic life of her brother's family, Jenny strikes up a romance with Webber's pot-dealing, babysitter to her nephew.

In the clip, the pair make out in a dingy room when Jenny jumps up and in a delightfully awkward moment stutters her way out of the situation by telling Webber that he's "totally great" and "totally awesome," and apologizes for being a jerk. Their entire exchange is as disjointed as this Frozen scene between Anna and Hans:

And here's the clip from Happy Christmas:

Is Kendrick not channeling Princess Anna here? Maybe I've seen Frozen one too many times.