9 Ways Binge Watching Improves Your Life

by Kenya Foy

Boy does binge watching get a bum rap, and I am totally over it because it's so not cool. The latest binge watch bashing comes in the form of a new study from the Journal of American Heart Association that outlines all the reasons that binge watching is basically a bad idea. According to E! Online, the study results include a bunch of statistics warning us that, aside from the loss of ambition, possibly developing agoraphobia and a markedly decreased presence of social skills, among the perils of watching excessive TV is an increased likelihood of death.

OK, gosh, we get it already! Holing up in front of the TV for extended periods of time isn't exactly the best way to treat our precious human bodies, but what one-sided research like this well-intentioned study blatantly ignores are all the ways in which binge watching can actually improve one's quality of life. For any marathon watchers tempted to turn off the TV, stop frantically searching the sofa cushions for the remote and check out this list of advantages to binging on your favorite TV shows:

1. Binge watching can help to mend a broken heart, unless you're Rihanna, in which case, beautifully sulking in a bathtub is just as effective.

2. It can help you recuperate from surgery.

3. Feeling sick or depressed? Binge watching may not cure ailments, but it can damn sure take the focus off of feeling like crap.

4. It enhances your dinner talk skills.

Can you imagine how awkward it feels listening to friends discuss season two of OITNB while you struggle to disguise a deer caught in headlights look? Binge watching guards against this potentially embarrassing situation.

5. It cures boredom...

6. ...and insomnia.

When sleepy time tea doesn't cut it, and you realize that counting sheep is total bullcrap, binge-watching can help you get to sleep at night. Of course, that depends on the show.

7. It builds and strengthens relationships.

Anyone who binge watches as a couple or with a group friends can attest to how it unites man and woman, and even friends and foes. Seriously, binge-watch and let bygones be bygones.

8. It's inspirational.

After a good binge-watching session, don't be surprised if the characters you're so well-acquainted with awaken you spiritually and give you a new outlook on life. They might even show up in your dreams.

9. It saves time.

This may sound a little controversial, but it's true! Instead of allowing a TV show to hold you hostage while it plays over throughout a period of months, make effective use of time management skills and complete what could be a two-month project in a day's time. Who has time for anticipation?

Images: Ben Leuner/AMC; Giphy