Wanna See Her As A Zombie?

Are you an Aubrey Plaza fan? Do you also dig Dean DeHaan? You can get the both of them together — and as a couple, too! — when they join forces in the trailer for Life After Beth , which stars Plaza as a zombie — so naturally, their relationship has some major complications. (Like: "I love you!" "You want to eat me!" You know, the usual.)

The plot follows Beth and her boyfriend, Zach (DeHaan), as she tries to accept the fact that she's no longer gonna be a normal girlfriend — she's dead, and she's got quite the appetite for humans. As for the super supportive Zach, he's just trying to stick around and be there for her, despite her newfound tastes. You'd think he'd turn to Tinder, but not Zach. He's a strong one! He gets that love is tough when you're dead.

The movie, which premiered at Sundance back in January, hits theaters on August 15th. But until then, this trailer should satiate your appetite (for the MOVIE...not for humans. Jeez!). It'll be good to see Plaza light up the big screen, too. Oh, wait. Did I say "light up?" I mean "darken with her undead gaze." After all, the movie still seems like a comedy with some romance...just with zombies. So consider it a zom-rom-com. (You're welcome.)

You can watch the trailer below.