'Breaking Bad's Dean Norris Reacts to the Hispanic Version of His Character — VIDEO

Breaking Bad's been over for nine months at this point, but its legacy will keep teetering on at least through Emmy season — and yeah, yeah, yeah, probably for a long time after. This means that when former Breaking Bad star Dean Norris went on Conan recently he was confronted with the image of his counterpart from the Mexican version of the show. His response was as hearty and Hank-y as you'd expect from the former Hank Schrader.

The Mexican Breaking Bad , Metastasis , features Julián Arango in the role of narcotics agent Henry Navarro. Conan O'Brien's people slapped an image of Arango on the screen, to which Norris emitted a "YEAAAH!" followed by an "I like it. I like the belt buckle."

Watching actors bump up against different versions of the characters they're most famous for is almost always a good time. Remember when Emma Watson met Cameron Adams, the dude who played her in (one of) the gay porn version of Harry Potter, Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer’s Balls? That was a fun time. Same goes for when James Deen flagged down Zach Braff at a party with the words "Dude, I played you in the Scrubs porno!"

The Mexican version of Breaking Bad isn't porn as far as we know, but we'd imagine that cast is still haing fun with this Conan clip.