Whitney Cummings Does Not Need a Boyfriend

Whitney Cummings is arguably one of the hardest working people in show business. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're no stranger to Cummings' work, even if you've missed her standup. And if you aren't very familiar, don't worry. Her latest special, Whitney Cummings: I Love You , premieres Saturday night on Comedy Central. The funny lady has always had an impressive career, being involved in numerous TV projects and delivering stand-up specials, and fans might be wondering if any guy out there is lucky enough to be Cummings' boyfriend.

Friday Night Lights obsessives might recall that creator Peter Berg held that position for over a year, though the couple split in 2013. As reported by Us Weekly, the break up was a rough one for Cummings, who announced their relationship was over during a stand-up set. Since she has a tendency to mix the professional with the romantic, what is the comic cooking up these days in the dating world? For starters, Cummings is extremely busy in her professional life. The 2011-2012 television premiere cycle was a banner year for Cummings, who had not one but three simultaneous new projects hitting the small screen. She created the sitcom 2 Broke Girls, which will return for its fourth season on CBS this fall.

Cummings also briefly had her own titular show Whitney, which ran for two seasons (though you may recognize the show more readily from its notoriously awful promotional campaign which was the subject of much internet ire). She also had her own talk show on E!, the underrated Love You, Mean It , which lasted for just a season. As reported by The Wire, Cummings was briefly the new 'it' creator in Hollywood, selling shows left and right, before having many of those same opportunities fizzle shortly after.

In I Love You she talks about the disconnect between men and women in relationships. So with a whole hour devoted to love (or something like it), what's the comedian's own personal life situation? According to most sources, including herself, Cummings is currently single. In a stellar interview with Vulture where she was interviewed by friend and fellow funny person Sarah Silverman, Cummings explicitly talks about how difficult it is to maintain relationships while pursuing a comedy career.

The interview is seriously magic, as the two go on to talk about songs that use the phrase "beat the pussy up," truth in comedy, and funny titles (Silverman calls both I Love You and Love You, Mean It some of the the funniest show names she's heard). To further confirm Cummings' current single-and-looking status, she also gave an interview to Ad Week about her love for Tinder. Cummings even puts out an alert in the piece, saying "Please let everyone know I'm available and on Tinder," a revelation I'm sure will have many comedy-obsessed dudes feverishly swiping through matches to get to her.

So what's keeping Cummings from being lucky in love, (other than the whole exposing-your-personal-life-on-stage thing she mentions in the Vulture interview)? It could be the fact that she's constantly working; she's notorious for her back-breaking schedule and obsessive work ethic. As reported by Vulture back in 2012, the comedian and writer continually maintains 16-hour workdays, is obsessed with keeping a happy staff, and apparently has a reputation as an "anti-diva." In a town rolling with egos, it's refreshing that Cummings is quoted as saying “It’s not effective or productive not to be nice. It would undermine the goals I want to achieve on any given day.”

So don't worry about Cummings. She's great at what she does and keeps herself busy with or without a boyfriend.