All Your Dessert Dreams Are Coming True

This summer's great love story is about Carvel and Nutella: a yummu match made in heaven. Carvel is partnering with manufacturers Ferrero to launch an ice cream version of everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. The limited edition desserts will be available at Carvel locations across the nation starting from June 30 until September 30 and I know that I will definitely be in line for one at some point this summer. And once you hear the description of the new desserts, I bet you’ll feel the same way.

According to Eater, the chain will be offering Nutella-flavored soft-serve ice cream, as well as of four different kinds of Nutella sundaes, which feature all kinds of yummy toppings, like chocolate crunchies, banana slices, whipped cream, and — because you know you can never get enough — more Nutella on top of the soft serve. Does that sound awesome or what? Who cares if it probably consists of about a day and a half worth of calories? Seems worth it to me!

I’m a fan of Nutella in general, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never even thought of putting it in or mixing it with ice cream. I’m definitely on board with this creation though! Ice cream and nutella — what’s not to like?

Image: Carvel