This Man Failed, But Won At Jeopardy!

This is an example of winning by LOSING. A man on Jeopardy ! gave the best wrong answer pretty much ever. It's like he knew he was going to lose... so why not go balls to the wall and just give a funny answer? After all, when you're on television and in the company of Alex Trebek... YOLO.

Here's what went down. The final Jeopardy! question was:

In 1891, this European said, "Perhaps my factories will put an end to your war sooner than your Congresses."

You'll see in the video that one contestant (who, by the way, takes this game VERY. VERY. SERIOUSLY.) wrote "Carnegie." Oh, praise American history class in high school! Another contestant decided to play it safe and write absolutely nothing. But this guy had something completely different in mind that wasn't "Carnegie" or "nada." Even though what he wrote down did not grant him the honor that comes with being a Jeopardy! victor, it did grant him perhaps an even bigger honor — that of becoming a viral sensation.

You can watch this guy become one of the most awesome people on the Internet in the video below, which is brought to you via the good folks at Digg. The hilarity begins to ensue around the 17 minute mark.

Image: Jeopardy/YouTube