Wear Famous Artwork On Your Feet

A great pair of socks can make an outfit, especially now that socks with sandals is a look no longer reserved for your 80-year-old grandfather. High Museum of Art Atlanta is selling a bunch of socks inspired by famous works of art that I need ASAP because I've always longed to wear The Scream on my ankles.

Life-long sartorial dreams aside, these socks are amazing and actually super cheap ($8-$12.50 on the High Museum website). I know I'm always saying that certain items of clothing will change my life but guys — it's FOR REAL this time. With these socks, I will now be The Coolest Ever and start hanging out with Chloe Sevigny and Miranda July and making high-concept performance art that will win me tons of awards (another life-long dream).

I will be wearing the Mona Lisa socks with multi-colored low-heeled sandals as styled by Kate Brian for this Vogue slideshow as I am performing my yet-to-be-developed art piece where I record animal noises with cassettes and play them back while sitting silently in a giant room, But seriously, these socks are really cute and I want them even if they don't transform me into a brilliant artist. Check out some of the best arty socks below, and head over the High Museum's website to snag some of your own!

1. Starry Night

2. Water Lilies

3. Mona Lisa

4. Sunflowers

5. Chat Noir

Image: David Kitz