He Was Arguing With A Homeless Man?

And now, let us continue The Ballad of Shia LaBeouf. The next verse of this sad, seemingly never-ending song is brought to us by TMZ, which reports that LaBeouf was seen fighting with a homeless man directly before he was arrested for his very odd misconduct during the Broadway show Cabaret, which stars Alan Cumming and Michelle Williams.

TMZ reports that earlier Thursday evening, LaBeouf had been arguing with the aforementioned homeless man over what appeared to be a hat, as though LaBeouf somehow thought it was his. This tale is just getting weirder and weirder. What the hell is happening?

Whatever is happening, it's a lose-lose situation. We either have an Amanda Bynes situation going on, in which we should probably zip our lips and tape our eyes shut so we cease gawking — or we have a Joaquin Phoneix I'm Still Here experimental performance on our tabloid-sticky hands. If the latter is the case, then consider this the biggest eye roll I've ever made. But if LaBeouf actually is struggling emotionally and mentally, as Bynes was... then consider this an early apology. I hope he finds help, if he needs it.

What's sadder is that whether LaBeouf is Captain Douche or really just needs professional help has become completely beside the point. The point now is that we've lost that formerly promising young actor. And so continues that ballad...