This Is the Coolest Resume Ever

Every college graduate has been told that making your job application stand out in a pile of resumes is the key to success, and every college graduate knows that this is much easier said than done. Graphic designer Brennan Gleason, however, seems to have nailed it — he sent potential employers his resume in the form of a six-pack. Cheers?

Gleason spent several weeks homebrewing a blonde beer, which he appropriately named “Résume-Ale.” While he waited for the beer to ferment, he set out designing the labels for each bottle and the six-pack container. He designed each bottle with a different project from his portfolio as a graphic designer, while outfitting the box with a complete version of his resume.

It’s a strategy that certainly would not succeed in a typical corporate environment, but at the progressive companies where Gleason hoped to be hired, it was the golden ticket. He landed a job at Techtone as the digital marketing agency's creative director.

"I think it’s mostly just because it's different from a traditional resume," Gleason told HuffPost. "As designers, were always trying to show off our creativity. That’s the first impression these companies see."

Gleason certainly has us all racking our brains, contemplating what other kinds of 3D forms we can transform our resumes into. At least we wouldn’t have to worry about filling a page!

Images: Courtesy of Brennan Gleason