Are These The Prettiest Bridesmaid Dresses Ever?

Weddings may be a chance for the fashion-forward bride to demonstrate her sartorial chutzpah, but thanks to the forthcoming Erin Fetherston x Nordstrom Weddings bridesmaid collection, the rest of the wedding party can be just as glamorous as the happy couple. Erin Fetherston, renowned for her ultra-feminine and whimsical eponymous line, has collaborated with Nordstrom to create a line of dresses that's all about the bridesmaid. With price tags ranging from $225 to $695, Fetherston's fashions don't come cheap, but the styles are not your run-of-the-mill bridesmaid dresses. Each of the line's 22 pieces takes its cue from past Fetherston designs, from soft pastel shades to their vintage-inspired silhouettes. The designer explained in an interview with Women's Wear Daily that the exclusive line remains true to her aesthetic:

It’s an easy crossover because my own sensibility is superfeminine and romantic, and I have a softer ethereal sensibility.

Fetherston further discussed her inspiration behind the designs, claiming that the collection stems from her desire to outfit all members of the wedding party in exceptional attire as she did when planning her own nuptials, stating:

I treated every guest as an honorary bridesmaid. Instead of choosing people’s dresses for them, I went to my archive and chose a color palate. Girls were leaving with four or five dresses to wear for the weekend. It made everyone feel special.

If you're a bride looking to outfit your entourage or a bridesmaid with a bit of sway when it comes to day-of ensembles, this collection just may guarantee a happily-ever-after for all involved parties.

Image: Twitter/MissyGaiaG (Courtesy Photo)