17 Online Indie Shops and Designers For Some Seriously Great Style Inspiration

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One of the best parts of fashion can be discovering new brands and designers that make you want to fall in love and form an everlasting bond. Often these brands are mainstream shops you'll find at any big mall all over the world (places like H&M or Topshop). But it can be so much more fun and rewarding to explore unchartered territories — to seek out indie designers that steal your heart and make you want to tell all your friends about them.

So I wanted to roundup some of my favorite independent e-retail sites, and share them with you all. These are designers and shops that carry both straight and plus-sizes (or both in a few cases), but also accessories and shoes and whimsical jewelry. One of the magical things about the Internet is that it allows you to have far more accessibility to the independent designers out there. And there are loads! These 17 are all treasures to behold.

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