Warwick Davis' Favorite 'Star Wars' Role Was...

You probably recognize Warwick Davis from at least one of his roles in many, many iconic movies. He played Griphook and Flitwick in the Harry Potter films, the Leprechaun in the Leprechaun movies, and a bunch of roles in the Star Wars films. On Friday, Warwick Davis participated in a Reddit AMA to answer users' questions and discuss everything from his celebrity encounters to his dwarfism. Here are a few of his most interesting responses.

On being cast in short roles: I believe that actors should play their type. A short actor should be cast as a short actor. A disabled actor should be cast to play a disabled character.

His favorite books: Guinness Book of Records and my autobiography. Guinness because it’s fat and my autobiography, because it’s about me. It was a challenge to write, but a fun one, because I was able to recall things I thought I’d forgotten by listening to music from my childhood and speaking to people who had been an influence in my life and career. I recommend everyone should take a daily diary to fully appreciate their lives and their achievements.

His favorite role: Although I had a great time making all the Leprechaun movies, I think my experience as an 11 year old on Return of the Jedi takes it, because being a Star Wars fan, I was literally living out my dream with my on screen heros [sic].

On becoming an actor: Well, nobody inspired me to be an actor. I became an actor through the fact that my grandmother heard a radio commercial asking for short people to be in Star Wars. Since then my inspiration has come from John Candy, Steve Coogan, and Will Ferrell.

His favorite cereal: Umm, it's porridge and that's the name of my character in Doctor Who.

His favorite of his Star Wars roles:

I think it was the character that you see watching the pod race, which George named Weazel, because I quite like characters who are more mysterious, who you don’t know that much about, and he’s quite intriguing because you don’t know much about him other than he likes to gamble on pod races. I think he’s my favourite. Although, I played Yoda for one scene as well.

On meeting David Bowie in Labyrinth:

Here is a little side note. Today is the 28th anniversary of the Labyrinth opening in in the US. So, i haven't seen David Bowie since we filmed the Labyrinth, but when working with him, he was a very down to earth, but talented guy.

On finding roles as a dwarf: Obviously, the roles for me as a short actor are more limited than for an average size actor. But, I’ve been very conscious in my career to focus on my performance skills, so that when roles do come up, I’m well positioned to audition for them and hopefully get them.

The series he'd most like to be in: Um. I mean when you say movie series, is that more than one? Can two movies be a series? I think Anchorman, because I think Will Ferrell is fantastic and I love the style and humor in that film I just really love the style of humor [sic] the idea that everybody saying ridiculous things but nobody questions how it is, which is pretty unique. These guys-- kind of all the characters seem to accept everything everyone else says as being normal.

If you're interested, head over to Reddit to check out Warwick Davis' full AMA.

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