7 Bachelorette Party Dresses For Every Type Of Wild Celebration, Inspired By Your Favorite Celebrities

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It's wedding season, and aside from dressing to impress at the endless parade of elegant or bohemian affairs, there's also the night of pre-marital debauchery also known as the bachelorette party. Your attire for the wedding may be prim and proper, but the night before? More daring styles are fair game. Overshadowing the bride is a faux pas, but who says you have to choose something completely uninteresting?

If you're dancing the night away at a luxe lounge, try a fitted dress in a brilliant hue. If Vegas is your destination, a little dazzle-dazzle won't seem out of place. In case you're aiming for the stars with your bachelorette party ensemble, here are 9 fabulous looks inspired by your favorite celebrities.

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