51 Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses For The Ultimate Guide To Bridal Season Shopping

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Summer is here, which means the next few months are going to be filled with countless receptions, weddings, engagement parties and other such festivities. At the start of June, all these events seem exciting. Penciling in one wedding date per weekend is almost like a confirmation that the season is going to be filled with fun and friends and parties. But come July, it all starts getting a bit old.

The surplus of weddings and cocktail parties ahead can get annoying for several reasons: instead of being able to lounge in on a Saturday and binge Netflix, there's always some kind of rehearsal event; if you're single, you are constantly reminded that literally all your friends are engaged or married (when did I get old?!); and of course, lots of events equates to lots of dress shopping.

Because plus-size shopping is still a struggle for many of us fuller-figured women, I wanted to create the ultimate guide to shopping wedding guest and occasion dresses this summer. So I've gathered up 51 of my favorites to get you through the season. No matter your look or personality, there's definitely something here for you.

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