'Burn Notice': Mike's Allegiances Just Got Even More Complicated

Looks like James isn't content with last week's dose of psychological torture. Sonya's boss continues to be a manipulative creeper when he stands Mike up for a lunch meeting. A waitress brings over Westen's "found" cell phone, which just so happens to feature a picture of him playing with Madeline and his nephew Charlie as its wallpaper. Creepy, creepy move.

James calls from a blocked number and instructs Mike to find a car waiting outside, to the dismay of Westen's CIA support staff assembled on a nearby rooftop. That car takes him to a helicopter, which takes him to another car, which takes him to James' palatial home. He explains that he built his spy network to police the monsters of espionage. Honestly? That sounds pretty good. New recruit Mike's first target: Marco Cabral, a Dominican narcotics cop who moonlights as a notorious smuggler.

Strong discovers that James is linked to a mental patient in Biloxi, and dispatches Jesse and Fionna to investigate. But first, Fi learns that her concerned boyf Carlos called Madeline (kind of a weird thing to do?) and she's more in danger of losing him than ever.

Sam is reluctant to take down Cabral, who's cooperating with MI6, but he still goes undercover as a corrupt businessman trying to buy his allegiance with a briefcase full of cash. When Cabral threatens to kill Sam, a well-timed shot to a champagne flute by sniper Mike puts an emphatic stop to the conversation.

At the Mississippi mental hospital, Jesse, Fionna and Strong interview their John Doeat least, they would have, had he not dramatically escaped upon their arrival.

Mike dons some scuba gear (likin' what you do for that wetsuit, son) to sabotage the Brits' boat with a controlled explosion. Cabral is furious, immediately severing ties with the MI6 agentsone of whom is, I am 98% sure, Giles, the butler from Whodunnit!

Oh... you guys don't watch Whodunnit? I mean, I don't watch Whodunnit. Who would watch Whodunnit? Lame people, probably. Definitely not me.

Thanks to his Special Forces background, John Doe is able to knock out Jesse in an elevator shaft and takes him as a hostage. After a whole bunch of acting crazy, he reveals two important facts: 1. James's last name is Kendrick. 2. It was James who had him institutionalized in the first place, and they're far from friends.

Cabral agrees to meet with Sam again. But when that meeting starts getting a little murdery, Mike reverses his car into Cabral and his guards, which is a skill I feel I should've been tested on when I got my driver's license. Mike and Sam are finally driving Cabral to meet James when they're stopped by a heavily armed military roadblock. In exchange for safe passage, Sam agrees to hand over Cabralbut the shrouded captive is actually Westen in disguise. The ploy works, and after some varsity-level head-butting, they successfully remand their prisoner to James.

Back in Miami, Mike is asked to meet with John Doe. The (former) patient explains that he and James, then his best friend, were once assigned to assassinate a warlord outside Mogadishu. Though the "warlord" proved to be a kid with a gun, they were nevertheless told to continue with the mission. To Doe's horror, James responded by slaughtering their entire unit.

Who's really the "monster" here?

Image via USA