Get Those Dirty Hands Away From Us, Dylan

So many exciting things happened on last week's episode of The Bachelorette. Cody was uncomfortably sent home in the middle of his love confession to Andi, The pantsapreneur, JJ, was sent home (probably because his pants were out of control), and Josh got uncomfortably weird about the lie detector test (very suspicious). All those things didn’t even come close to the shocking moment we learned Bachelorette dude Dylan doesn’t wash his hands after he uses the bathroom. For this and many other reasons, we're starting to think Andi should send Dylan home on Monday. The 26-year-old accountant from Boston has been less involved with Andi than the remaining five guys in the group, and that will be a very big disadvantage in the coming weeks if he were to stay past this episode.

I know that video editing can distort how things actually happened in real life and the poor guy really didn’t get to explain whether it’s all the time or just when he’s at home, but he basically admitted on national TV that he doesn’t wash his hands after he poops. Forget Andi, he would be perfect for Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy since it’s questionable whether she washes her hands or not too.

But there are plenty of other reasons Dylan shouldn't have made it this far, including his super uncomfortable first date on which he cried. I am all about guys being open about their past like Dylan was when he talked about his family, but you might want to keep the tears to a minimum on your first (and your only date, in this case). Besides his family history and the fact that he doesn’t wash his hands, we know virtually nothing about him.

Shortly after his confession he took to his Instagram to clear up what happened. “I may not always wash my hands, but I do sanitize #toughtquestions #don’tjudge #sorrymom.” Many schools of clean thought don't consider sanitizing the same thing as washing, but his humor about the situation shows that he doesn’t care what you think about him. I also have to give him kudos for being honest on that lie detector test when you just know Josh is hiding something from Andi. Unfortunately, we simply don’t see any of this humorous personality on the show. What gives, ABC?

Last episode right after the lie detector test, Dylan quickly fell ill and left the group date. Apparently he went to the hospital. I’m not saying it’s because he didn’t wash his hands, but I let's just say good hygiene is one way to help stave off any suspicious illnesses. That’s what happens when you poo in a foreign country and fail to wash your hands. Just sayin'.

Images: ABC; DylanPettit/Instagram (2)