Will Kelly Osbourne Come To Regret Her New Ink?

After donning an edgy new haircut to the world a few months ago, rocking a partly shaved head with a mini mohawk, Kelly Osbourne recently decided to get a head tattoo to go with it. No, not a picture of a head — though that would be strange too — but a purple tattoo on the side of her head that reads, “Stories…”

Now, the only thing I have to ponder is what Osbourne’s new ink symbolizes. Does she have secret stories that she won’t tell anyone about but will display on her head? Is she simply representing the idea that her mind, like everyone else’s, is full of stories because that’s where her brain is located? Or did she just forget what she wanted her tat to say? Whatever the message there, Osbourne’s new head art is just one of a whole list of celebrity head and face tattoos that may or may not have been done on a whim. If we're being honest though, it's likely that many of these celebs regret getting their ink.

Lady Gaga

There was that one time Lady Gaga received a tattoo live on stage at her perfume launch, ending up with the image of a cherub on the back of her then-shaved head.

CeeLo Green

Though the former judge from The Voice already has a good amount of tattoos on his arms, he also happens to have a few on his head. One of those is a rose near his ear that he probably regrets getting.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx

When you eventually turn 40 and say to yourself, “Hm, should I get a large tattoo on my head?” think back to Foxx’s giant tattoo that he received to celebrate his 40th birthday. I love his work in movies, but his art looks like a mix between tribal ink and barbed wire. Not a fan.

Marsaili McGrath/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


Although I respect the singer's decision to do something in honor of her son, Angelo, I'm not sure a tattoo of the letter "A" behind her right ear is the way to do it. But to each his/her own right?

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mike Tyson

Remember when the retired boxer fooled the world into thinking he was going to get his face tattoo removed only to reveal it was an April Fool’s prank? Well, it was but we kind of wish it wasn't. When your tattoo becomes a joke in The Hangover: Part II, you know there’s something wrong.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Gucci Mane

An ice cream cone with three scoops and a side of lightning bolts. That is all.

The Game

Nothing says “new life” more than a tiny butterfly tattoo on your cheek. But nothing says regret more than changing it to the Dodgers logo and then changing that to the Dodgers logo with a read star around it. The rapper blamed the tattoo artist for making his butterfly look like a moth, but let’s be real… he was probably just embarrassed that he asked for a butterfly in the first place.

So let it be known that if you want to get a tattoo, make sure you get it somewhere other than your head and face. Or at least make sure that your new ink doesn't look like something you'd get after a long night out.

Image: Kelly Osbourne/Instagram