Erykah Badu Knows How To Mess With Reporters

As it turns out, when Erykah Badu attempts to kiss an anchor during a news broadcast, it’s one of the best and most adorable things that could happen on live TV. That’s exactly what happened when news anchor Mario Diaz was reporting on Shia LaBeouf’s recent arrest for local New York news station, PIX 11, and just happened to be to be videobombed by the singer.

During the broadcast, Badu walks past the camera in an abnormally large white hat —not unlike one that Pharrell would wear and that Badu herself often wears at events —and initially goes unnoticed by Diaz. She smiles at the camera, showing off her outfit, and makes a sexual gesture with her hands, before going in for a peck.

Obviously quite engaged in his reporting, as he would be, Diaz immediately puts out his arm to push Badu away, appearing stunned, not recognizing the singer during the broadcast. It wasn’t until several fans who watched the broadcast pointed out that this so-called crazy woman on the street looked like Badu that she finally admitted to it on Twitter, even apologizing to the reporter.

Although Diaz was clearly a bit taken aback when the incident first happened, it’s clear from their Twitter conversation that the two are on good terms now.

“#Btw my wife and 2-year-old were 20 yards away when it happened…” Diaz tweeted. “She saw the roll up, you putting on hat & everything.”

Bravo, Badu, bravo.

Images: Ivory Coast/Vine