'OITNB' Shows Off Their Pride

When the Orange is the New Black cast does something, they do not do it half-assed. After all, their minimum security prison in Litchfield is run like a well oiled machine thanks to Red's steel resolve and determination. Even though Red wasn't there to keep them in check on Sunday for the Gay Pride parades, the girls and Officer Bennett seemed to have the perfect parade etiquette covered. Apparently, she's taught her fellow inmates well. Yoga Jones would be proud of their camaraderie and commitment to social activism, for sure.

Not all of the OITNB actors were able to make it out to the NYC and San Francisco parades, but there was still a generous showing from the cast. Notably absent were on-screen lovers, Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, and Jason Biggs. Fear not, fans because the other inmates were there to make up for it. Big Boo went solo for San Fran's parade but that didn't stop her from having her own wild party. Sophia aka Laverne Cox served as grand marshal at the NYC Parade where Bennett and Daya reunited on the Litchfield Prison float with the likes of Morello, Poussey, Taystee, and a really cute and totally unrelated puppy. Serious question, though. Where the heck was our favorite character, Lil Boo?!

We don't think any crimes were committed by the ladies (or the officer) judging by the amicable and lighthearted pictures that were snapped but you can never be too sure with that bunch. Especially with Bennett and Daya, aka Matt McGorry and Dascha Polanco who are just as cozy off screen as they are on. As friends, of course! But the best part about the cast's showing at the Pride parades were the obvious love they have for each other and their fans. It's so nice to see them appreciate those who have made them as successful and beloved as they are!

You can check out some photos from the OITNB Instagram account below:

Images: oitnb/Instagram