The Vienna Ball Is Not Okay

by Kristie Rohwedder

Woo, buddy. That was an episode, huh? Quite a way to end the weekend. No, I wasn't surprised by what transpired. Yes, I knew what was coming. All of us who keep up with the Kardashians knew what was coming: BRUCE “RAT EXPERT” JENNER JUMPED INTO RAT-HUNTING ACTION. Haha, just kidding: It was the Vienna Opera Ball disaster of 2014. Ah, right. That mess.

What of the VOB debacle made Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Uh, pretty much everything: The “N***** In Vienna” comment (crimeny), Kris Jenner’s missing belongings (crimeny, part deux), and the man in blackface (crimeny, part trois). CRIIIIMENY.

Like I said, the VOB ish isn't news, but I'm still reeling: Someone dropped the N-word casually and someone else popped up in blackface. And they weren't escorted away immediately. I just... I don't know how Kim and Kris waited until they were back in their hotel room before they lost their minds.

As for the luggage looting? Kris has plenty of money to replace what was stolen, but come on. You can't blame her for being upset. I'd be a mess if someone swiped a pack of gum from my purse. The thought of someone going through your stuff without you knowing is so unsettling. I feel you, Kris.

When Kris, Kim, and North (who we don't see on camera) returned from the trip, Kris told Khloe it was “the worst trip in the world.” Khloe asked for details. That's when they told her about the woman harassing them on the flight home.

You guys.

You GUYS. I forgot that happened. I forgot a woman screamed offensive shit at Kim and North and Kris while they were on an airplane. AUGHHHHHHHHHH. YOU STAY AWAY FROM NORTH, YOU DEMON. What sort of hell was that trip?

If one of those things happened to me while I was traveling, I'd be like "NOPE. Never leaving my house again." I mean, shit. The last time I was on a plane, someone hit me in the face with their carryon and didn't apologize and I was mad about it for a week. The Vienna trip would've been the end of me.

But it wasn't the end of Kim: The Vienna trip inspired Kim to write about her experience (yes, that blog post). She read it out loud to Kourtney and Kris, and they were impressed. And, as any of us who keep up with the Kardashians knows, Kim shared her essay with the world. And all of us read it. (And no, she didn't use her essay to troll Vienna. She took the high road. Klassy Kim.)

Closing thoughts: Um, I loved Bruce sharing his rat knowledge with Kourtney Kardashian. While the "Scott Disick and Kourtney's amazing new house has rats" story wasn't ever going to be more than a B plot, I could've watched that madness for an entire hour.

Image: E!