Bryan Cranston Starred In 'Power Rangers,' And You Didn't Even Know It

Much debate has been had in recent weeks about when exactly Bryan Cranston's Walter White transformed into Heisenberg on Breaking Bad. Some have claimed it was when (FOUR-YEAR OLD SPOILER ALERT) Walt watched Jane die of an overdose without helping her; others claim it was when Walt forced his own son to drink until he puked in their suburban swimming pool. (Others yet claim it wasn't until Walt sold his Pontiac Aztek in Part 1 of Season 5.)

But we all got the real answer Thursday night when Cranston appeared on The Colbert Report to promote Breaking Bad's final season, which premieres Aug. 11: Walter White officially became Heisenberg back in 1993, when the actor broke bad as the voice of monster Snizard on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

It's true — Cranston appeared on one of our favorite childhood programs, a revelation that not only instantly brought us back to Saturday mornings on our sofas, but also made us pray even more that Cranston finds an intriguing vehicle worthy of his talent and charm post-Breaking Bad. Even if that project forces him to again don tighty-whities, a fashion statement he's been forced to rock in both Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad. As Cranston himself tells Colbert, "At some point you just have to give the public what they want."

But what do we really want? Someone to unearth footage of his Power Rangers stint. In the meantime, watch Cranston's Colbert Report interview below, and watch him officially break bad when he relives his Power Ranger days. The '90s, bitch!