F*** You, Larry! Love, The Internet

So, Larry Bloom on Orange Is The New Black pretty much sucks at being a person. However! There is justice in the world, as it looks like he has gotten his comeuppance for his pea-brained actions. Look no further than the picture below that proves that everybody hates Larry. The Internet has given him the middle finger.

How did this electronic middle finger happen? Well, about a month ago, Taylor Schilling posted a picture on Instagram of herself and Jason Biggs at BBC2 Radio. Since folks have now plunged into their Orange Is The New Black binge watching sessions, they now know that Larry is no longer just a chump who wrote a New York Times article about his wife's Happy Fun Prison Timez (ugh). Now, he's a total dick-thinker who sleeps with his ex-fiance's best friend. Not cool, Larry. Not cool.

So, with this newfound knowledge of total douchebaggery on Larry's part, the Internet took to the picture and started hating on it — well, hating on a certain character. But poor Jason Biggs! He seriously gets the short end of Larry's stick! This is an instance where good acting gets rewarded with a heavy-handed back hand slap from your fans.

The comments on these photos are priceless.




Amen to that, People of The Internet. Fuck you, Larry! You're a total asshole! But not you, Jason Biggs. You're a-okay in my book.

Image: tayjschilling/Instagram; biggsjason/Instagram