11 Times Jenny Lewis Had Enviably Great Style

The wait is almost over! Jenny Lewis will release her new solo album The Voyager on July 29th! Shh... if you listen closely, you can hear the racing heartbeats of thousands of alt-rock girls as they tremble in anticipation (guilty).

The Voyager is Lewis's first album in four years and her first solo effort in six, so that excitement is totally warranted. We have been waiting for this. Lewis is brilliant and I have no doubt The Voyager will become the spirit soundtrack to my early-to-mid 20's the way 2008's Acid Tongue was on constant rotation during my college years (okay, fine, it's still on constant rotation).

I've been obsessed with Lewis's music since I first heard "Carpetbaggers," but my appreciation for her wardrobe is somewhat new. Lewis's sartorial sensibilities came to my attention when she started sporting fabulous airbrushed rainbow suits to promote The Voyager. The suits, designed by Adam Siegal, are stunning. I did some digging and discovered the Jenny Lewis has been rocking indie music fashion since waaay before Zooey Deschanel hit the stage as the She half of She and Him. Here are 11 times Jenny Lewis made me jealous of her effortlessly cool closet.

1. The Time She Kissed Fred Savage

Before she was a folk-rock songstress, Jenny Lewis was a child actress who kissed Fred Savage in 1989's The Wizard. In this still from the film, Jenny sports a precursor to the rough-around-the-edges fashion of the 90's in work boots, a striped shirt, and an oversized denim jacket. The flaming red hair certainly doesn't hurt the look.

2. The Time She Wore a Red Tracksuit

Gotta love how the pigtails and white sunglasses offset the Sporty Spice-goes-to-the-museum thing she's got going on here.

3. The Time She Made a Romper Cool

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not hating on the romper trend, but this sure beats the ditzy floral print numbers at Forever 21 that sag in the butt. I don't know what is going on with the bodice, but I like it. Also, those legs.

4. The Time She Did Floor Length Her Way

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenny's take on ruffles includes flower-power embroidery and some subtle stripes. Her low-key accessories allow THAT HAIR to take center stage. Let's face it — with bangs like that, who needs diamonds?

5. The Time She Channeled a Pin-up

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Alert Bettie Page! A certain redheaded singer/songwriter is giving her a run for her money in this silver trimmed one-piece. I can overlook the shiny tights because of the perfection happening everywhere else.

6. The Time She Was a Hot Sailor

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Loving this nautical jumper with the giant collar, stripes, and oversized buttons along the hips. Adorable.

7. The Time She Accessorized Cleavage with Zebra Print

Vibrant blue dress aside, Lewis is killing it with that fabulous display of cleavage paired with a zebra striped guitar strap. I repeat: THAT HAIR. How can one human being stand to be this glamorous?

8. The Time She Wore Rodarte

My favorite singer wearing my favorite fashion label. Be right back, my brain is short circuiting.

9. The Time She Matched The Postal Service Poster

I CAN'T. The triangle print, the sunny yellow color, the champagne. She's like a ball of indie-goddess sunshine and we're all just melting in her glow.

10. The Time She Was Basically Stevie Nicks

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fine Jenny, you win. You're the most stylish of us all. You just keep nonchalantly pairing embroidery and stripes. I'll be over here, weeping into my sweatshirt collection.

11. The Time Her Rainbow Suit Was Flawless

The suit. The sass. Jenny, please teach me your ways?

Images: jennydianelewis/Instagram