5 Celeb-Inspired Ways To Style High Waisted Shorts

Along with the overwhelming resurgence of crop tops comes a similar resurgence of all things high-waisted, and it isn't just maxi skirts. No, the previously laughed-at high-waisted shorts of yore are back with a vengeance. Remember making fun of your mom for tucking her shirt into her shorts when you were little (or was that just me)? Well, now the egg's on my face, because high-waisted shorts are back.

I recently jumped on the high-waisted shorts bandwagon, after I realized they were the answer to everything I could possibly ask from an article of clothing: they're drape-y like skirts, waist-defining (which is a nice perk for someone as long-waisted as me), summer-y and bike/beach-appropriate. Oh, and, most importantly, retro-cool, with a healthy dash of pinup panache and early '90s flair.

They're the perfect addition to your warm weather wardrobe, adding a fun twist on your standard summer short shorts. Plus, they're versatile — they can run the gamut all the way from red carpet formal shorts to sitting in the sand all day at the beach shorts.

If you're still on the fence with this summer trend, maybe these celebrity examples might sway your opinion — read on for some of the chicest looks!

Taylor Swift

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is perhaps the biggest celebrity advocate for high-waisted shorts. She wore them time and time again during her performances on her recent RED tour.

Plus, she also wears them for events:

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They suit her retro-sweet style perfectly!

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande goes for retro in a whole other way — instead of Taylor's pinup look, she goes for a decidedly more early '90s vibe. With her rolled-up acid-washed deal, she's serving up some serious updated Kelly Kapowski realness.

But she can also rock some serious shorts-centric formal wear. I love seeing women don menswear, and this look is among the best (though Annie Lennox still takes the top spot!)

Zooey Deschanel

And here's yet another singer/songwriter who knows how to rock a pair of high-waisted shorts: Zooey wears the style a lot on screen (Jess Day and Summer Finn are both huge proponents of the look), but she also wears them as herself IRL — usually with black tights, as is her style M.O. But no matter who she's wearing the shorts as, she always does it with retro aplomb!

Images: Twitter, arianagrande/Instagram, IMDb