Let Them Inspire Your '70s Makeover

The rock trio Haim, comprised of sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, in that birth order, are totally bringing back the '70s with both their Fleetwood Mac-inspired music and their enviable, cool L.A. girl style. While each of the sisters has her own unique way of dressing, there are some common threads and connective tissues and those are sunglasses, denim, leather, and long, parted hair.

While Haim also have a bit of a '90s R&B vibe to their music, since '90s nostalgia is such "a thing" right now, their look is rooted in the '70s, with some modernizations, tweaks, and additions from other eras. The Sisters Haim are the type of girls you want to go thrifting with. You will totally wish you could accompany them on trips to vintage and consignment shops once you check out these photos.

They've all cultivated looks to copy, many of which are posted on Danielle's and Alana's Instagram feeds, so you can put down those higher end fashion mags and start tapping those thumbs on your smartphone if you want to throwbackify your look and channel Stevie Nicks. The ladies of Haim, who are recent Nylon cover stars, have perfected that look so you'll want to take notes and tips from their pics.

Let your eyes drift downward and you and your closet can get Haim-ed. I've picked some of my faves to help you with your own '70s-inspired makeover.

1. High-Waisted Jeans

Low-riding, thong-showing jeans are so '00s. Danielle Haim's high-waisted denim give your butt a boost.

2. Center-Parted Long Locks

Center-parted, extra-long waves are emblematic of the '60s and 70s. The peace signs are, too. D. Haim might be monochromatic, but she looks pulled from another era.

3. Jean Shorts

The jean shorts paired with a masculine, army-green top and statement belt were so throwbackish.

4. Dark Shades

What is the perfect partner of a center part? Oh, just a great pair of dark shades, that's what.

5. Leather Biker Jacket

Alana Haim's leather biker jacket, which she teamed with mirrored shades, were tough but still femme.

6. Fur Baby

A. Haim's furry tipper was oh-so-disco, which was obviously huge in the '70s.

7. Waves

Haim's look almost always features some variation of long, center-parted hair and sunglasses. Their beachy waves are indisputably Cali girl.

8. Accessories Rule

Alana Haim's accessories were dope. Her look of mirrored sunnies and a cross-body, paired with a print skirt set, culled from different eras but the cumulative effect was '70s, yo!

9. Mirrored Sunnies

Mirrored, circular shades fit Alana Haim's face shape. She gets bonus cool points for her Hulk Hogan cup, too.

10. Vested And Leathered

Alana Haim's military vest and leather shorts with pockets were a mix of '70s and '80s chic. Seriously, the Haims either have a rad stylist or they just have a natural instinct on what works when pairing items from different eras. Anyone else plan to shop using these photos as inspiration? I'm already on it.

Images: Danielle Haim/Instagram, Alana Haim/Instagram