Spoiler: Meryl Streep's Been Amazing Forever

Because it's always good to start your week with some handy evidence that you'll never have a career as long-lasting, respected, and talent-filled as the woman widely regarded as the greatest actress of her time, we've got some good, thoroughly unsurprising news that isn't even really news: Meryl Streep has been awesome for at least four decades. We all already knew this, and if you disagree we'd like to know who you are also why you are. Because all you have to do is watch this nicely vintage video of Meryl Streep singing back in 1977 dug up by Awards Daily to be like "Whoa. Lady's got staying power."

The occasion for this particular song was a production of Arthur Miller's Secret Service, in which she starred alongside John Lithgow and Mary Beth Hurt in what was one of the earliest appearances on television for all of them. You can actually get your own copy of the production at Playbill.

It should be noted that yes, the confederate flag behind Streep during the entire performance is distracting. But what really draws focus is her vocal performance. Streep's sung onscreen multiple times before, in movies like Mamma Mia!, Postcards From the Edge, and A Prairie Home Companion. She'll also be singing in the upcoming Into the Woods. But really, she should sing more. Just, like, in general. Do it for the people, Meryl!

Here's Steep in Secret Service:

And Postcards From the Edge:

A Prairie Home Companion:

And Mamma Mia!: