Who's the Most Powerful Celeb in the World?

The results are in, and the most powerful celebrity according to The Forbes Celebrity 100 is... Beyonce . Well, duh. She's Queen B! The multi-talented star has earned more than $115 million as of June 2014, which Forbes says is on account of her enormous tour (which reportedly brought in more than $2.4 million per city), but we know it's more than just money. Beyonce exemplifies what it means to be powerful, and let's face it — she's amazing. So who came in second right after Bey? Not her husband, Jay Z (he placed sixth), but LeBron James.

Now, the good people at Forbes may chalk LeBron James's place at Number 2 up to the fact that his worth is right now at $72 million, which is obviously less than Bey's worth. Others may assume that James, who is the NBA's leading star when it comes to endorsements, didn't achieve Beyonce's higher ranking because he has less of a media presence — it's easier to share songs and music videos, after all.

However, no matter what Forbes says, and even if it all comes down to money and numbers (as it probably does), let's assume (for fun) that the real reason LeBron James is Number 2 next to Queen B's position at Number 1 is because he can't do some things that Beyonce can do.

Like this:

Or this:

Or sing like this:

Or this:

Or have a show like those in the On The Run tour:

She didn't start callin' herself Sasha Fierce for nothin'.

Bottom line? If you're asking "who runs the world" the answer is a resounding "BEYONCE." Now, we're not saying LeBron James can't shake his hips or sing like that — we just have yet to see it. Let's have a dance-off then, shall we?


Cool. Til then, Beyonce will stay on top.

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