Is Henry Cavill the Hottest Clark Kent?

Thanks to the first sneak peek of Henry Cavill dressed as Clark Kent on the set of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice , we can all freely let our tongues hang out of our mouths. Why? Because Cavill looks smokin' hot all suited up as Superman's brainy alter-ego. And you know what? I'd much rather look at a pic of Clark than of Superman. When it comes to Superman-related movies or TV shows, usually people just talk about how hot Superman is, but what about Clark? IMHO, Clark is the man we should be drooling over; not the weirdo dressed in a smurf-colored onesie and some red undies. Sure, Superman might be the one flying you through the night sky with his cape whipping in the wind, but Clark's the one who's going to bring you your coffee and newspaper on a Sunday morning. Plus, I imagine my lips would get pretty chapped from all that flying, so obviously breakfast in bed is the way to go.

Now, people might complain that Cavill isn't correctly dressed as Kent because he's missing one very important accessory: his iconic glasses. But here's the thing — I don't think people would be able to handle seeing Cavill wearing glasses in this pic. Adding them would basically turn him into one of those foxes in weirdly sexual glasses commercials that have jawbones that could cut glass. Basically, the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund — the group tweeted out a picture of Cavill showing support of the U.K.’s Royal Marines — did us a public service by axing the glasses. It would have been just way too much to handle on a Monday.

So where does Cavill stack up against the other live-action Clark Kents? Take a look at our completely unscientific ranking of some of our favorite Clarks:

9. Kirk Alyn

Alyn played the first live-action Clark Kent in 1948's Superman.

8. George Reeves

Reeves played Clark in the 1950's live-action TV show called Adventures of Superman. We're diggin' that hat tilt.

7. Gerard Christopher

Christopher portrayed Clark/Superboy in the late-'80s-early-'90s TV show Superboy, which followed the college years of Superman's life. (Those suspenders, though.)

6. John Haymes Newton

Newton originally played clark in Superboy, but was later switched out for Gerard Christopher. (Clark looks really good all bronzed up.)

5. Christopher Reeve

A classic Clark if there ever was one.

4. Dean Cain

Cain worked his Clark smolder in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

3. Tom Welling

Welling was probably one of the most iconic Clarks considering he spent most of his time on Smallville as the smallmtown boy instead of the superhero.

2. Brandon Routh

Look at Clark being all inquisitive in his suit.

1. Henry Cavill

We don't know if it was the tweet or what, but Cavill is definitely one of the best Clarks. He doesn't even need a suit to be the best one. You do you, casual Clark.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set to hit theaters in May 2016.

Images: Columbia Pictures; Adventures of Superman; Viacom (2); Warner Bros; Warner Bros. Television; WB/CW; Warner Bros. (2)