You may know her as the villain on The City, or you may know her because of her impeccable style, but regardless of the reason, you'll be interested to know that Olivia Palermo got married over the weekend to her longtime partner Johannes Huebl. And if you don't know Palermo at all and are just here because you saw the picture above and said, "Ohhhhh snap! Who is that guy?" then that's totally fine too and I have your answer. For there is more to Johannes Huebl than simply being half of a couple so ridiculously good-looking that they appear to be made of plastic. Or be holograms. Or be the beta version of some sort of real life Photoshop that will exist in 50 years. I mean, just look at them!

Okay, enough looking at them. Let's find out this guy's deal.

Here are eight facts about Olivia Palermo's new humanoid robot— ahem, husband Johannes Huebl.

1. He's a model

No way! Didn't see that coming! Huebl started modeling when he was in college and, according to his Facebook page, has "been working with every major client and has been featured in every important fashion magazine like GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue China, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar." He has also modeled "for clients like Hugo Boss, Ungaro, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Dunhill, Donna Karen, MontBlanc, Nivea, Hogan’s, Schwarzkopf and various others."So, yeah, I'd say he's a pretty successful model.

2. He's German

No way! Didn't see that coming! (See: His name.) Huebl is from Hannover, Germany.

3. He's Well-Educated

Huebl studied business economics at the University of Hamburg and went on to study "cultural science with the emphasis in film and photography, cultural history and philosophy" at the University of Lueneburg. Sounds intense. While he was a student, he began modeling.

4. He Also Works Behind the Camera

Huebl works as a fashion photographer on occasion. One can assume, when the client is looking for a model who looks less like genetically engineered perfection.

5. He Co-Owns a Dog with Palermo

His name is Mr. Butler. 'Nuff said.

6. He's Stylish

What else would you expect from a fashion model who dates Olivia Palermo?

7. He Designs Shoes

Huebl teamed up with Italian brand Scarosso to design a line of shoes. Huebl posted the above photo to his Instagram with the caption, "When the postman rings new loafer designs get delivered - perfect timing for a big Day tomorrow." (And, yes, the "big day" was their wedding.)

8. He Likes the Beach

Huebl proposed to Palermo when they were vacationing in St. Bart's and it seems enjoying the world's beaches is something they do fairly often.

Congrats, you guys! Have a great time going on amazing trips and being absurdly stylish together for the rest of your lives.

Images: Johannes Huebl/Instagram