4 Ways 'Supernatural Might Deal with Him

by Keertana Sastry

There's something off about Dean Winchester. In the Season 9 finale of Supernatural, the tough, sarcastic, hamburger-loving older Winchester brother gets imprisoned by his own brother after stabbing the angel who killed his friend (and our friend) Kevin. He then gets stabbed by his arch nemesis Metatron and dies with the Mark of Cain still plaguing him. So what does happens to the poor guy? Dean gets resurrected as a demon. Now that we know Supernatural will return for Season 10 in October, the biggest question facing us this summer is what will Team Free Will do with Dean now that he's a black-eyed monster?

This is not the first time we've seen Dean with black demon eyes. In Season 3, Dean has a creepy dream in which he imagines a demon version of himself taunting him about his inevitable death that happens in the Season 3 finale. So it stands to reason that Dean normally would be afraid of becoming the thing he hunts. But now that he is one, things are going to be quite different in the Winchester way of thinking. The cast has already addressed a few possible ways they could handle Demon Dean at the annual Jus In Bello convention, and both serious and joke theories were given. Here are a few of theirs and a few of ours to consider.

1. The Most Obvious Theory: They Will Try And Change Dean Back By Any Means Necessary

Considering Sam and Dean's penchant for always trying to save each other, there's almost no way Sam won't immediately try and find a way to get human Dean back. Dean as a demon, combined with the Mark of Cain, could spell for some dark times for the older Winchester brother. There are many ways Sam could try to save Dean, and he won't stop and consider how these potential solutions will affect him. It's really quite the self-destructive cycle these two have going.

2. The Other Possible Theory: Team Free Will Reluctantly Keeps Dean As A Demon... For Now

Perhaps while Sam tries to risk his life to change his brother back, Castiel or Crowley tells him it's not a good idea. Perhaps trying to turn Dean back into human could kill Sam or especially Castiel who is losing his stolen grace. Perhaps Dean tries to handle being a demon for a while. It's all possible.

3. The Dark Horse Theory: Demon Dean Gets Some Mentorship From Crowley Or Cain

What we have to remember is that Dean still has that Mark of Cain on his arm and it did start to overtake his humanity a bit. Maybe he will enjoy being a demon for a while or, at the very least, want to try and figure out a way to balance his demon/Mark of Cain side with whatever humanity he still has. The best people to help him make the human-to-demon transition would be Crowley, who still has some humanity in his body from Sam's attempt to turn him human, or Cain, who obviously has experience with the mark. Plus, how awesome would it be to have Tim Odmunson back as Cain? He was just the best.

4. The Left Field Theory: Team Free Will Accepts Demon Dean Into Their Group

This is the theory that came from the Supernatural castmembers that I actually kind of hope will happen. If Dean and Team Free Will decide not to try and immediately change Dean back into a human, and if Dean can find that human/demon balance, there could be a lot of humor in having Demon Dean interact with angel Cas and human Sam. Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki teased that perhaps Team Free Will could pull a few demon-related pranks on Dean like putting holy water in the shower and whatnot. Considering how awesome it was the last time the Winchesters had a prank war, I'd trade everything I have to see that. Bring it on Season 10.

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